Maths Tutor Jhb

Maths Tutor Jhb


Our tutoring services cater for students studying the South African CAPS, IEB and Cambridge curriculum at primary and high school level maths.

Foundation Phase (Grades 1 – 3)

Foundation Phase Mathematics forges the link between the child’s pre-school life and life outside school on the one hand, and the abstract Mathematics of the later grades on the other hand. In the early grades children should be exposed to mathematical experiences that give them many opportunities “to do, talk and record” their mathematical thinking.

Intermediate Phase (Grades  4 – 6) & Senior Phase (Grades 7 – 9)

Mathematics in the Intermediate and Senior Phase covers five Content Areas, namely: Numbers, Operations and Relationships; measurement, Patterns, Functions and Algebra; Space and Shape (Geometry); and Data Handling.

FET Phase (Grade10 – 12)

Mathematics in the FET Phase covers ten main content areas. Each area contributes towards the acquisition of the specific skills. The table below shows the main topics in the FET Phase.

Functions Finance, growth and decay Differential Calculus Euclidean Geometry and measurement Trigonometry
Number Patterns, sequences, series Algebra Probability Analytical Geometry Statistics

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