Language Tutor Johannesburg

Language Tutor Johannesburg


Language is a tool for communication and thought. it is also a cultural and aesthetic means commonly shared among a  people  to  make  better  sense  of  the  world  they  live  in.  Learning to  use  language  effectively  allows  learners  to  acquire knowledge, to express their, feelings, identity and ideas, to interact with others, and to manage their world. It also provides learners with a deeply rooted set of images and ideas that can be used to make their world other than it is; better than it is; clearer than it is. It is through language that cultural diversity and social relations are constructed and expressed, and it is through language that such constructions can be broadened and refined.

Goodie Tutors offers tutoring in the following language subject areas: English; Afrikaans and Zulu.

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