Goodie Tutors FAQ’s

How do I get started?

Simply click on the Contact us page then fill in the form or give us a call.

When are the tutors available?

Tutors are available on demand or for pre-scheduled tutoring sessions any time. In order that we can locate the best tutor to fit your needs it is recommended that you request a session as far in advance as possible. But if you need a tutor right away, we can help.

How much does private tutoring cost?

Information on Tutoring Plans.

We have economical options for every student. Students can pay by the hour for just R210 or subscribe to one of our monthly plans, which start at just R84/month. Click on the ‘Pricing’ link for details on all our packages.

Who are the Goodie Tutors and where are they based?

We are an established private tutoring company offering lessons to students across the entire Johannesburg region. Our professional team of tutors customise their instruction to the needs of each student at any convenient time at either our tutoring venue or within the comforts of your home.

Our tutoring services cater for students studying the South African CAPS, IEB and Cambridge curriculum at primary and high school level.

It is our mission to offer professional and affordable tutoring; our ambition is to help our students realise their academic goals and build life-long intellectual curiosity.

Our tutors deliver instruction using the rhythm and explanations our students require to achieve excellence.

Goodie Tutors is also happy to assist a student or parent to match the best tutor for their needs. You can work with one of our staff members to interview and select a tutor. Simply email us on

What happens in the event that we need to cancel a scheduled session?

1. If the client cancels the lesson less than 12 hours before the lesson the client must pay a cancellation fee, which 20 % of an hour lesson.

2. If the client cancels the lesson less than 6 hours before the lesson the client must pay the full tutoring rate as per scheduled lesson. For example, if a 2 hours lesson was scheduled the full 2 hour rate will be charged for.

Can a specific tutor be requested?

Yes, when scheduling a session, mention the name of the tutor you wish to be paired with and priority will be given to that tutor. However, if that tutor is not available, you will be paired with the next available tutor that meets your needs.

What is the maximum length of a tutoring session?

Tutoring may last up to 2 hours.

Do scheduled sessions cost more than spontaneous ones?

No, regardless as to whether the session was scheduled or spontaneous, the fee is the same. See Pricing for details on our Tutoring Costs.

Where can I obtain a copy of your Terms & Conditions?

All Goodie Tutors Learners operate under our Terms & Conditions. Our most current Terms and Conditions are published on our web site for easy access. Click here to view our terms and conditions.

Before you employ tutors, do you interview them?

All our tutors have been screened, not only for their knowledge in their respective subjects, but also for their ability to impart that knowledge and form the relationships necessary for successful tuition.

Our students are tutored by professional tutors who are familiar with the Department of Education / IEB / Cambridge curriculum and textbooks for the class.

Tutor Screening Process:

  • Resume / CV
  • Academic transcripts
  • Identity Document
  • Interview
  • We are able to provide client references.
  • Performance feedback provided by clients.

Our screening process is continuous and once tutors are registered we carry out tutor performance reviews completed by parents to give us further tutor feedback

Do you only offer home tutoring?

Tutoring can take place either in the convenience of your home or at the Goodie Tutors venue.

Where tutoring is conducted in your home, a suitable place must be available. Normally a dining room table is a suitable location. Tutoring should never be undertaken in a student’s bedroom or at any other location not in the vicinity of other adults.

Can tutoring continue over the school holidays?

Yes! Subject to negotiation with the tutor, tutoring sessions can normally be scheduled at any time, including during school holidays.

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